Jeff Ocheltree Drum Clinic

A FREE Event
Saturday – March 26, 2022 – 6PM

Clark's Music Center Jacksonville Florida


Drum Tech and
Sand Cast Drum Builder

Jeff Ocheltree

Steve Smith – Billy Cobham – Cindy Blackman

Back in the days when there were only “roadies”, Jeff Ocheltree was the first person to start taking care of the drums in total from all aspects, the first true “drum tech”.


Becoming the first “Drum Tech”

Creator of Trust Your Ears DVD

Connecting with the Mahavshnu Orchestra

Drum tuning and drummer’s needs

Developing skills for live and studio situations

Development of his brand of Sand Cast Drums

Have A Problem Drum?

Bring a drum you may have issues tuning, and Jeff will give you pointers.

Some Of Jeff’s Drums

Please call us to reserve your spot. Seating will be limited.

(904) 738-7111

4154 Herschel St
Jacksonville FL 32210

Clark's Music Center Jacksonville Florida

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Clark's Music Center Jacksonville Florida

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